Gabas Omni Petroleum Services Co. (GOPSLAB) is a limited liability company established in 2005 in Saudi Arabia, a first of its kind joint venture between Petroleum Services Inc. USA and Gabas AlBilad Holding.

GOPSLAB has the capabilities and resources to provide routine and special core analysis for the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region.


At GOPSLAB we aim to provide our clients with value added products and services in the fields of geophysics, geology, formation evaluation and petroleum engineering.

We provide a better understanding of reservoir systems, reduce uncertainty and risk, and hence maximize hydrocarbon recovery.


We have a proven track record of successfully performing complex formation evaluation aimed at providing a link between geological and engineering attributes.

GOPSLAB will utilize technology, along with our local and regional experience, to enhance the optimization of oil and gas exploration and exploitation.

We aim to be the leading provider of Formation Evaluation, Petroleum Geoscience and Engineering Technology services.